July, 2012 Archives

We are back from Italia, Roma & Orvieto.  Yes, it was hot and crowded – it is July.   But one travels when one can, even in the heat of summer.  We thought about going to Reykjavik where it would be cool, but heard the pasta was nothing special.   I think we paid homage to all of Rome’s major cultural treasures, from the ancient to the Baroque.   We walked for hours each day, usually returning to our room quite damp and too late for siesta.  My favorite things: carpaccio, arugula and shaved parmesan; cheap, good wine; the infinitely weird ossuary of the Capuchin monks (4,000 skeletal remains artfully arranged); the cool and quiet cathedrals (Santa Maria del Popolo with two Caravaggios, the Church of the Gesu with its curious ceiling fresco, to name two – not all the cathedrals were cool, some were downright steamy); the AC in our rooms at Babuino 181 and Locanda del Sole; the Borghese Gallery with timed admission and Bernini’s Apollo and Daphne; Sinorelli’s sci-fi “The Damned” fresco in the Orvieto Duomo; Orvieto Sunday afternoon during siesta (when we were almost alone on the streets) and wandering the alleyways of Orvieto after dark.

Memento Mori at Santa Maria del Popolo (c. 1470)

Constantine’s colossal head at the Musei Capitolini

Rome - lovely light and vernacular architecture

Crowds at the Vatican Museum

Restoration work on Saint Peter’s Colonnade

Tidying up at the Pantheon

Becky on the Pantheon steps

Bernini’s odd Pulcino della Minerva (the elephant has an Egyptian obelisk on his back)

Gaulli’s illusionistic fresco from the Church of the Gesu (c. 1550)

Wedding photographers in Trastevere

Orvieto after dark (Orvieto is an Etruscan-Medieval town atop an impressive volcanic tuff an hour north of Rome)

I’ll have a 20 image portfolio of smaller prints (13” x 19”) at the VT PhotoPlace Gallery in Middlebury, VT for the upcoming year – until July 2013.  All are invited to a reception July 13 from 5-7 PM.  I wil miss this reception as I won’t be back from Rome.   A show of work from the 20 or so represented photographers will be on display in the gallery July 10 – August 4.  After that, images can be viewed in the portfolio area.  The PhotoPlace website is www.vtphotoworkplace.com.  Check it out next time you are doing the fall foliage thing, skiing, maple syrupping, trout fishing, cow tipping…

Went to Maine for salt and sand.  Stayed in Small Point, at the intersection of the Sprague River and Seawall Beach.  Seawall Beach is all sand, a pristine stretch about two miles long (and at low tide almost as wide) bordered by two tidal rivers.   There is no easy public access to this beach.  A handful of Small Point residents can cross the Sprague River at low tide to walk on the beach, and at low tide, beach-goers can cross the Morse River at the other end of Seawall at Popham Beach State Park.   One can also traverse a two-mile trail through the 500-acre Bates Morse Mountain Conservation Area to get to the beach.   Needless to say, in late June the beach was practically empty.   I don’t know a prettier beach in all New England!  Our isolated rental cottage sat just above the Sprague with an ever-evolving view.

Reception July 29th, 2-4 PM. Twenty-four images. Three galleries, two other shows to see - including Catherine Whall Smith's textile retrospective and images from the Dodd Center archive.