April, 2015 Archives

I have some pics in Boston this May, part of (Photo)gogues NE 2015 & Flash Forward Festival. Happy to be included!  Many thanks to the good people at the Griffin Museum of Photography, specifically Paula Tognarelli and Frances Jakubek, who curated the show.


A little over a week ago I took down my show (33 images) at Quinebaug Valley Community College in Danielson, CT.  Only today did I realize I never posted an announcement for the show on my news blog.  So consider this an announcement that the show is over and a shout out to the QVCC gallery director Mark Szantyr and his top-notch student volunteers.   Many thanks!  It was also a pleasure to talk with QVCC students about my work.  And Mark Szantyr, it turns out, is the real McCoy, amateur naturalist (in contrast, I am a dilettante, amateur naturalist).  I thought I’d impress Mark with a photo I took of a big bobcat who was hanging out in my backyard.  He immediately pulled out his iPhone and showed me his photos of cute bobcat kittens and, well, his photos just got better.  I suspect a good day for Mark is getting up before dawn and spending many hours very quietly deep in our CT woods.  He is a wealth of information and even identified a mystery bird (in one of my photographs).  Though I admit his description of parasites leaving a recently deceased, still warm “specimen” will cause me pause in the future.

I always like to make some new work for a show. Gotta keep it fresh. The gaps have been short between shows, so I have to work fast. I test out new images with each new show. In other words, I exhibit new work (in addition to older work) that was sometimes made weeks before an opening. Some images are ultimately exhibited only once. When I see the new stuff on the gallery wall, I sometimes have second thoughts. I had six new images in the QVCC show. Above is a shot of the set up I used for a new photo called Art Journal. I still like the end result, so will probably exhibit it again.