August, 2015 Archives

I am really looking forward to my next show – in upstate New York on the banks of the Hudson River (in Hudson, NY).  I’ll be showing at the Davis Orton Gallery ( with my wife Rebecca.  Karen Davis is billing it as two separate solo shows.  Under the umbrella of “The Constructed Image” you can also see portfolios by Bridget Murphy Milligan and Neil C. Jones.  It has been a summer of all work (of the non-art kind) and no play.  So we are looking forward to a weekend away in Hudson – see you at the opening.

This month (August 2015) my work was featured in the nicely designed  ArtAscent Magazine (  From their website:   “ArtAscent Art & Literature Journal is an international art magazine that showcases exciting emerging and indie artists and writers from around the world. The collectable magazines are published 6 times a year, and back issues remain available in both print and digital format.”