ART 287 Professional Practices for the Visual Artist

This weekend I bought a USB mic for my Mac and downloaded Jing, a free screen capture software (  Jing is bare bones, no frills, and low fidelity.  But it has an easy interface.  You can use it to capture anything that appears on your monitor.  For instance, you can narrate a slide show created in PowerPoint.  Or you can capture your mouse clicks during a narrated PhotoShop tutorial.  But you have to plan things out (be linear), talk fast and not digress.  There’s no editing a Jing video.  You can make a 5-minute “capture” max.  You can pause the recording as you go along.  But there’s no editing after the fact.  So if the phone rings…

I made two sets of videos for my ART 287 Professional Practices for the Visual Artist students, both addressing our How To Photograph Art/Creating A Digital Portfolio unit.  It took me almost two full days to make six short videos.  The videos are not polished… certainly not slick.  We are talking public access not MTV.  They are currently parked at

To access the videos from last week, regarding the college’s Nikon D70 (parts 1-4), try this URL:

To access the videos for class this week, Downloading Images/The Bridge, try this URL: