Jasper the Cat

The UPS man brought me a rock today.  It was a river rock with “Jasper” engraved on its smooth surface.   You can order anything on line these days.  Even pet memorials.  Jasper and Willa (his sister) came to live with us in 2005 as kittens.  Jasper was a well-loved, regal feline – large, muscular, smart, friendly and gentle (with people, not rodents).  He was a proficient hunter (mice, moles, chipmunks) and was eaten by a stray dog in the backyard.  Not actually eaten, but killed.  I put the river rock with his name on it in the garden today.  Over the past few years Jasper has posed for me on numerous occasions.  Here are three of my favorite shots with Jasper, R.I.P.

Jasper and my son from the Boys' Life series.

This image was made for a charity wine auction poster. The only stipulation from the organizers: include a wine bottle and glass. I bought a bottle of Gatao, a green wine from Portugal, because of the cat on the label. Jasper was very willing to help out on this project. My goldfish George had qualms.

Jasper as a kitten. This is from the shameless merchandise department, designed for a mouse pad. Jasper continued to curl up on laptops until the very end - when he made a laptop look very small. I guess he liked the warmth.