Door’s Open – The Fall Semester Starts

The fall semester is in full swing.  As usual, I’m starting to learn about and appreciate my new batch of students while simultaneously waxing nostalgic about the students that have moved on.  The CT community college system has an “open door” policy which means that the door is open to everyone with a high school diploma or GED equivalency – no minimum SAT score, no minimum GPA.  Class rank?   Irrelevant.   Been out of school for 10, 20, 30, 40 years?  No problem.  Want to take just one class?  Climb on board.  But the open door swings both ways.  Students move on as easily as they move in.

Mark Loper and Paul Brodeur are two such students.  John Ferreira is another.   Loper and Brodeur joined forces spring semester (2010) to work collaboratively on something we dubbed the “LoBro Project.”   Loper and Brodeur were both photographers and models for this series of well-crafted, atmospheric, film noir stills (overpopulated by multiple Lopers and Brodeurs,  à la Anthony Goicolea).  Using multiple strobes and multiple exposures, they created seamless tableaux vivants that remind me of the David Lynch cult classic Twin Peaks.  Paul Brodeur, who lived independently and worked to finance his college career, graduated from MCC with an Associate’s Degree in Visual Fine Art (Photography Option) this spring and is currently attending Pratt in NYC.  He can be reached at  Mark Loper continues to tour as a guitarist for the band Light The City ( and has started a freelance business (  Contact Loper or Brodeur for a price list and to purchase prints.  John Ferreira is a first generation Portuguese-American who is now the owner of Ana’s Auto Detailing in the Bradley Airport area in Windsor Locks, CT.   Last fall (2009) he produced an exquisite portfolio of floral still lifes.  These simple yet elegant compositions lit by natural light are truly gorgeous in person, on the wall.  Ferreira makes 22” x 22” archival pigmented ink prints on Hahnemuhle William Turner textured paper with an Epson 7900.   You can contact John Ferreira for a price list and purchase information at  John, Mark and Paul are just three of the recent talented students that have moved on.  I gotta say to them, on record, thanks for visiting, it was great fun (stop by any time and bring pictures).