Noble Barns

I have not posted in months.  It is almost summer.  I just returned from a leisurely walk around the loop that takes me from my house, on a short path through the woods, and down a dirt road that ends at the top of a hill with a lovely view of rolling farmland.   The rest of the way home is on paved roads and I pass by a complex of dilapidated barns where turkey vultures love to roost.  Two of the smaller barns could not withstand the weight of our record-setting snow this winter.  They imploded back in March.  This week they were bulldozed away.

This skeletal red barn is gone for good. I made this photo last summer.

This vista from last summer is not the same this May.

Since I was thinking about Mansfield barns and winter, I thought I’d post this photo from a few winters ago. Shortly after the image was made, the leaning silo succumbed to gravity.