New Construction: Six Photographers

I just curated my first show.  It’s called New Construction: Six Photographers, opening reception 1/18, 5 PM at the Windsor Art Center (off Main St. in Windsor, CT).  I think it will be an interesting show. Extra credit if you come to the opening.  The show includes Olivia Parker, who published her first monograph of photographic still life in 1978; Kimberly Witham, a certified taxidermist, who regularly photographs road kill; Kevin Van Aelst, an experienced editorial photographer known for his witty constructions; Kim Kauffman who uses a flatbed scanner instead of a camera; and Rebecca Clark, who photographs with an iPhone and seals her images with a wax coating.

Olivia Parker (MA) -
Kimberly Witham (NJ) -
Kim Kauffman (MI) -
Kevin Van Aelst (CT) -
Rebecca Clark (CT) -